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This ain’t no Iraq – ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ found… out

A missile’s rear end

In a race that launched a thousand missile puns, our four ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction,’ or less arrogantly put, the Australian 4x100m freestyle relay team misfired in their highly fancied attempt at the gold medal in London.

Before the race the commentators said the ‘Missile’ (anyone noticing a theme here?) James Magnussen might make an attempt at the 100m world record as he led the Aussies out on the first leg of the relay. Unfortunately the ‘Dud Missile’ forgot to pack his jetpacks. Either that or he just forgot to swim fast. He was behind his American counterpart (not even their best swimmer) at the first change, which does not bode well for him as he counts down to his launch at the gold tomorrow.

It sort of serves them right. I was very happy to be caught up in the hot air (like that from the back of a missile) being ejected by our four freestyle aces. Many were critical of their overconfidence going into the event and now their words are rocketing back into headlines as evidence.

Not only did they fail to win gold, though, they failed to medal entirely. It puts into serious doubt the one-two finish that the Australian and British media have been talking about. Many predicted that the James’s, Magnussen and Roberts, would destroy the rest of the field and give Australia a gold-silver combo in the 100m final. That prediction now looks to be a little off Targett…

Many have leapt to the defence of the ‘Weapons,’ telling us not to be too harsh on their failure to deliver the payload. The problem is that bombing out in such devastating fashion would suggest their fuel should have been dedicated to their swimming rather than their mouths as their performance when it mattered fell well short of the mark.

In other news this scribe has just had a contusion after using all these missile puns, and now must retire for a while and recite the ABC for a couple of hours, then read the bible. Don’t ask me why.

Stand, spray and deliver.

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